What To Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

  • Breast Augmentation Recovery

When someone decides to have Breast Augmentation done to enhance the appearance of their chest, they may wonder what type of breast augmentation recovery they will be dealing with when their surgery is completed. It is important to take care of all household tasks before having this type of surgery as it may take a few weeks of resting before the person feels good enough to tend to their normal routine. Pay bills, clean the home, catch up on laundry, and make sure there is plenty of food available in the home before going to the surgical procedure. It is a good idea to enlist help from a friend for a few days after the surgery as well.

After the Surgery

After the surgery is completed, the patient will need to rest comfortably in the hospital and then at their home after they are released. They should have several pillows available on their bed so they can support their back when they try sitting up. They should rest as much as possible in the days after the surgery.

The doctor will most likely wrap the breasts with an ace bandage or gauze. They may require this stays in place for a day or two, so the results of the augmentation will not be able to be seen right away. This is a minor inconvenience but is important for the healing process.

When the gauze is removed, the person may notice swelling, irregular shaped breasts, or bruising in the area where the surgical procedure was performed. This is normal and will subside. There will most likely be some pain and discomfort when the person tries doing tasks requiring them to move their pectoral muscles. Taking their time and asking for help with these tasks is best. They may also experience some burning sensations, itching, and numbness in the breasts. This will also subside as the healing process takes place.

If someone is interested in having this type of Plastic Surgery themselves, the best way to get more information about the process is speaking with Dr. Gallegos by making an appointment for a consultation. Together you will go through the risks and post-operative inconveniences in detail.