Facelift Surgery Albuquerque

Plastic surgery patients often say how rewarding the benefits of a facelift in Albuquerque are. After all, a facelift offers the opportunity to capture a more youthful you for many years to come. The reasons why women and men are so interested in a face lift are many. For some, it may be facial sagging in the mid face and jowls. Others may seek out a facelift for slight facial sagging, facial lines and the desire to prevent the need for more invasive surgery later on.

During a consultation with Dr. Gallegos at his office Hermosa Plastic Surgery in Albuquerque, New Mexico you will learn more about the ways that your most bothersome features can be treated for refinement. You will be able to view before and after photos of patients who have similar features as you. You will learn about alternatives to the facelift procedure as well as learn about adjuncts to facelift surgery. You may also learn about how you can save money with a facelift when compared to non-invasive or less invasive approaches to treatments. In this way, Dr. Gallegos will assist in helping you to set sensible expectations for the outcome of your procedure.

There is nothing to lose and much to gain by visiting Dr. Gallegos for a consultation facelift in Albuquerque. In fact Dr. Gallegos’ expertise in plastic surgery is superior. He and his staff are sincerely committed to delivering excellence in plastic surgery treatment including facelift in Albuquerque. The facilities at Hermosa Plastic Surgery are state of the art and the technology Dr. Gallegos uses is cutting edge. We welcome you to contact Dr. Gallegos, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in New Mexico!