Perlane® with the MediSpa at Hermosa Plastic Surgery

A clear solution for deep folds and wrinkles is needed by women and men. These occurrences could leave the face looking ages and displeasing. For this reason, a multitude of cosmetic procedures were created. Perlane® is a dermal filler that provides a solution to these widespread problems.

What are the Benefits?

These noninvasive fillers consist of gel particles that provide a three dimensional look. This provides a more effective plumbing effect. It volumizes the skin and smooths folds and wrinkles quickly.

It addresses folds that are visible when smiling, laughing, or frowning. It eliminates forehead wrinkles and visible wrinkling around the eyes. Since it is long-lasting the patient could enjoy these effects for a longer period than most options.

As the fillers break down, they are eliminated from the body in the same manner as waste products. It doesn’t present a health risk as it travels throughout the body.

What Patients are the Best Candidates for the Procedure?

This cosmetic product is recommended for patients that are at least twenty-one years of age. Ideal patients possess deep folds or wrinkles within the target area. It is best suited for older patients.

How is the Treatment Performed?

The clinician applies a local anesthesia to prevent pain due to these injections. Next, the clinician injects the target area with the dermal filler. The duration required to complete the process depends on the total number of injections needed and the size of the area.

What are the Side Effects?

The product doesn’t present major side effects for patients. After the injections are complete, the patient may experience mild bruising and redness. The affected area could swell or itch for the first few days after the treatment. Some soreness and tenderness is probable. However, these conditions are treatable with mild over the counter pain reliever.


The treatment can be combined with BOTOX® injections for the best possible results. Contact our office today to find out whether this medispa treatment is right for you.