Velashape III

Velashape III with the MediSpa at Hermosa

Cellulite problem areas are a significant concern for women. These developments could hinder their ability to achieve their preferred body through diet and exercise. Velashape could present them with the assistance they need to address these concerns.

Women may develop cellulite at different stages of their lives. These developments are often hard to manage. They are often surrounded by fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

What are the Benefits?

First, it is noninvasive and doesn’t cause pain. Most patients describe it as a heated massage. It is also performed on an outpatient basis.

This treatment could enhance the affects of several cosmetic procedures used for transforming the body. It helps patients with undergo a tummy tuck of contouring. It could also promote further results during liposuction.

It helps the patient eliminate cellulite from their common problem regions. For most women, these areas include the abdomen and thighs. It is also effective in reshaping their buttocks and removing dimples caused by excessive cellulite.

The procedure lasts up to a couple hours. This depends on how extensive the problem area is. The clinician provides an estimate of this duration.

It could improve circulation within the problem areas. Most patients see lasting results in under one month.

Who Should Get This Treatment?

Anyone who is at least eighteen may receive the treatment. Ideal candidates possess large volumes of cellulite in problem regions. Women who have given birth multiple times could benefit the most from the procedure.

How Is It Performed?

Through this procedure, multiple features are used. The device used to complete treatment delivers infrared light to generate heat. This feature is added to energy that transmits through radio frequency. The device also performs suction that helps the reduce the common effects of cellulite. Lastly, the device massages the skin to ensure that the total treatment reaches the fat deposits deeply underneath the skin.

What are the Side Effects?

The only side effects reported for this procedure consist of a burning sensation and a potential rash. Some patients may experience some irritation. However, it is mild in most cases.


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