Midland and Odessa, TX Breast Augmentation

Midland and Odessa, TX Breast Augmentation and Implants

At our Midland or Odessa, Texas plastic surgery practice breast augmentation with the use of breast implants assists women of all shapes and sizes to achieve an enhancement that lasts for many years to follow. Dating back to 2003, there have been numerous reports of the many benefits gained from breast augmentation. The Aesthetic Surgery Journal published findings from a study involving close to 300 patients denoting that 95% of all respondents noted body image improvement, 80% greater sexual satisfaction, 70% improvement in their partner’s sex life and 30% greater orgasmic capacity.

The Right Approach

If you are interested in breast augmentation there are several considerations. These factors play a role in the approach and the outcome of your breast implants procedure in Midland or Odessa, TX. For example, there are two poles to a breast, the upper and lower. In a natural breast there is more density in the lower portion of the breasts, but it is not uncommon for women today to express the desire for greater upper pole projection. So, they may choose breast implants with greater upper pole projection. Tubular, narrow, elongated, sagging or uneven breasts fall into the misshapen category. Misshapen breasts may require one of the most complex types of breast implant surgery.

To decide on the right approach to breast augmentation, Dr. Gallegos will evaluate the many aspects of your breasts. He will work diligently to consider all aspects of your breasts for the breast augmentation procedure. He will also help you to identify the specific features that are most bothersome to you so that you that you can benefit the most from treatment with the most appropriate expectations. Dr. Gallegos knows how important your body image is to you.

Interested in Breast Augmentation in Midland or Odessa, Texas

If you are interested in breast augmentation and live in the area of Midland or Odessa, TX contact Dr. Gallegos’s office today to schedule an appointment.