Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure, and its popularity is a testimony to its safety and good results. Breast enlargement surgery at our practice in Albuquerque, serving Santa Fe and all of Southern New Mexico, can significantly improve a patient’s appearance. This enhancement often translates into higher self-esteem, which in turn can help a person become more successful in other aspects of life.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

During the preliminary consultation, Dr. Miguel Gallegos will note any breast asymmetries you have. Breast asymmetry is quite common; in fact, hardly anyone has perfectly symmetrical breasts. The reasons for performing this examination are twofold. First, after surgery patients look at themselves quite critically and often point out some asymmetries that actually existed before surgery. Therefore, noting any such asymmetries beforehand is useful for helping patients evaluate their results properly. Secondly, after noting any asymmetries you have, Dr. Gallegos can adjust the procedure to address these issues; for example, he can add more volume to one side to equalize breast size.

The Breast Enlargement Procedure

The best results are obtained from breast surgery when the patient has an adequate amount of body tissue to cover the implant. More coverage means a more natural breast shape and appearance. If there is not adequate coverage, wrinkles in the breast implant can often be felt and sometimes seen. Because of this issue, Dr. Gallegos usually suggests placing the implant under the chest muscle. This added coverage provides even better results because, while the implant is round, the optimal shape of the breast is not round but oval. When the implant is placed in the sub muscular pocket appropriately, a natural-looking breast shape can be produced.

Dr. Gallegos prefers to perform breast enlargement surgeries that involve a moderate increase of one to two cup sizes. The results of these types of breast enlargements are reliable and predictable, while a more dramatic breast enlargement may result in an unnatural appearance. Dr. Gallegos can help you determine the appropriate breast size for you in a breast enlargement surgery consultation held at our Albuquerque office serving Santa Fe and areas of Southern New Mexico.

The incision for the breast enlargement procedure is a little over an inch in length. Dr. Gallegos prefers to make periareolar (around the nipple) or inframammary fold (below the breast) incisions because of their tendency to heal well and leave very discreet scars. This approach reliably enables proper implant placement and also decreases the chances of complications.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Results and Recovery

Excessive pain is not common during recovery from breast surgery.  Most patients complain of pressure on the chest. However, after about two to three days, most of the pressure subsides. Right after the surgery, the breasts do not look perfect and will probably not match your desires. Usually, the implants look too high and awkwardly shaped, and the breasts feel hard and swollen. These issues arise because of the swelling that occurs in the pectoralis muscle when the implant is placed in the sub muscular pocket. This swelling dissipates in time, aided by the use of compression garments and sometimes massage. In approximately four weeks, results begin to emerge as the implants settle into the chest, but it often takes eight weeks for final results to become apparent. Exercising should be limited for at least three weeks and a full regimen of exercise may not be started for at least 12 weeks.

The implants that we use are safe for your body and carry a 10-year warranty that covers replacement if there is any leakage. Typically, this occurrence is very rare. Leakage is indicated by a decrease in breast size. In such cases, the patient may undergo a procedure to replace the implant that is relatively uncomplicated and easy for the body to tolerate.

Breast implants do not cause breast cancer and mammograms can still be performed after implants are inserted. Often, the self-exam is even easier to perform as a tumor can be felt more easily if it is lying against the face of the implant.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation Enlargement Surgery

To schedule a consultation for your Albuquerque breast augmentation surgery, please contact our Albuquerque office. Located within driving distance of Santa Fe, the Hermosa Plastic Surgery office is an excellent resource for information about cosmetic procedures. Our staff is very knowledgeable and our doctor is happy to answer any of your questions.