NeoGraft Hair Transplantation

Hair Restoration with NeoGraft Hair Transplants in Albuquerque New Mexico

For over 56 million men and women in the United States alone hair loss is a frustrating reality. Losing one’s hair can make a person feel less attractive and devastate his or her self-confidence levels. In the past, those seeking a permanent solution to hair loss were often disappointed by the limited capabilities of hair transplants. Today, there is a hair transplantation alternative that is revolutionizing hair restoration. At our Albuquerque, New Mexico, cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Miguel Gallegos offers NeoGraft hair transplantation, the most comfortable and natural-looking hair transplant procedure available today.

What is NeoGraft Hair Transplantation?

The NeoGraft hair restoration procedure is the first FDA approved minimally invasive solution to hair loss. It utilizes the follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplantation technique, which involves extracting hair follicles from one area of the patient’s head or body and implanting them in another area. Unlike other FUE methods, the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure is partially automated, speeding up treatment time and reducing the cost to the patient.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Candidates

Candidates for hair restoration with NeoGraft hair transplantation at our Albuquerque, New Mexico, practice include men and women with partial hair loss who have sufficient donor hair. During a consultation at Hermosa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gallegos can help you determine whether the NeoGraft procedure is right for you.

The NeoGraft Hair Transplant Procedure

NeoGraft hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure. First, the doctor uses a hand-held extraction device to separate the donor hair follicles from the surrounding tissue. Suction is used to pull the grafts out, and the NeoGraft device protects the delicate follicles until they can be inserted into the affected area. Once the grafts are inserted, the scalp is washed and bandaged. After a recovery period of approximately six to nine months, the newly transplanted hair will start to regrow.

Learn More about NeoGraft Hair Transplantation

NeoGraft hair transplantation is a revolutionary solution to hair loss that involves no scalpel, no stitches, and no linear scar. Contact our office today to learn more about NeoGraft hair transplants for hair restoration at our Albuquerque, New Mexico, cosmetic surgery practice.