Researching Your Plastic Surgeon before Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery has been around for decades as a way for men and women to change their bodies to suit their needs and wants. When it first began it was a luxury for the elite of society, where only the most educated and skilled surgeons took up the mantle as a plastic surgeon. However, today breast augmentation and other forms of plastic surgery are common place, and doctors of all education and skill levels are performing breast augmentation in every city and country in the world. Because plastic surgery has become such a common thing with doctors of less reputable means getting into the breast augmentation field, the importance of researching your surgeon is more important than ever.

Breast augmentation like any surgery has its risks and if done incorrectly it can have serious consequences for you, both of the life threatening and non-life threatening variety. Doctors who aren’t skilled or educated enough to perform the surgery can cause damage to your body that could leave you with scars, malformed breasts and health issues that could be costly to fix if they are fixable at all. There is also the possibility that the doctor could grievous error during the surgery that could risk your life as well as your vitality.

With that said, there are many reputable doctors around the world who are skilled, educated and concerned for the welfare of their patients. The trick is to find these surgeons who are more than capable of performing breast augmentation surgery with a skill level that ensures you recover quickly and that the augmentation goes according to plan.

For those considering breast augmentation surgery there is certain set of things you should research about your surgeon before deciding to go ahead with the surgery:

  1. What is their education and where did they attend medical school?
  2. Are they board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)?
  3. Where will the procedure take place and does the doctor have surgeon’s privileges at that hospital?
  4. How many breast augmentation surgeries has the surgeon performed?
  5. How long has the surgeon been performing breast augmentations?
  6. Does the surgeon have a record of malpractice issues? (Check with your state’s medical board for a copy of their record.)
  7. Who will be assisting in the surgery and their qualifications/education?
  8. What does the procedure entail?
  9. Are there any medical concerns you should be aware of?

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