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7 Things to Know Before Getting a Boob Job

Breast Augmentation, sometimes referred to as a boob job, is one of the US’ most common cosmetic procedures. If someone is thinking of getting a breast reduction or augmentation, below are several important things to know before the procedure.

1.) Patients Have Their Choice of Implants

There are two types: silicone gel and saline implants, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Patients must be over age 18 to receive saline implants, and over the age of 22 to get silicone breast implants. As of 2014, 77% of all implants were silicone. These feel and look realistic, unlike saline implants which can ripple in some cases. However, leak detection is easier with saline implants.

2.) Not all Surgeons are Board-Certified

When undergoing Plastic Surgery of any kind, patients must choose a licensed, professional surgeon. Friends and family members are a great source of recommendations, but research is important as well. Potential patients should ensure that their surgeons belong to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other professional associations.

3.) Breast Implants Aren’t a One-Time Procedure

As previously mentioned, breast implants can leak. Additionally, weight loss and pregnancy can affect the shape of a patient’s breasts. Almost 25% of women will need an additional surgery in about ten years because breast implants do not last forever.

4.) Patients Must be Healthy to Get Implants

If a patient is obese, has a smoking habit or a family history of breast cancer, they may not be a good candidate for implant surgery. The patient’s health status can cause negative effects during or after surgery. Therefore, it’s wise to be honest with the surgeon about medications, past surgeries and lifestyle habits.

5.) It’s Possible to Try Different Sizes

Most cosmetic surgery clinics offer what is referred to as ‘sizers’. These neoprene, bead-filled sacs can be inserted into the patient’s bra. This simple procedure can help the patient decide which implant size will work best.

6.) Risks of Breast Implants

Asymmetry, deflation and bleeding are some of the biggest risks of breast implants. Although it’s rare, cancer and infection risks do exist, and in certain cases, patients may encounter difficulties when getting a mammogram.

7.) Exercise Restrictions

After breast implant surgery, patients are under exercise restrictions. It’s OK to start with light cardio a week after the procedure, although some women wait up to 12 weeks to resume exercise. Consult a cosmetic surgeon for more information and specialized advice.

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