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At Hermosa Plastic Surgery, we are proud to carry some of the best skin care lines available! We carry only professional and medical-grade products with quality ingredients and results-based formulations. Individual regimens, created by you and the physician, allow for your desired amount of correction. The products are specifically formulated to provide you, the patient, the opportunity to return your skin to a healthy and youthful appearance. The natural aging process and photodamage cause cellular damage and a reduction in normal cellular function. To create healthy skin, you must combat the signs and effects of aging by producing results at the skin’s cellular level.


Winner of the Health and Beauty Award in 2007 from SELF magazine, NIA24™ cosmeceutical products act as invisible armor against the harmful effects of the sun and environment, offering continuous protection, prevention, and repair for the skin. NIA24™ products combine the power of niacin with MicroNutrient delivery technology to produce smoother, stronger skin that is more resilient to environmental damage. Skin that is hyperpigmented or shows visible signs of aging is treated from the inside out, giving it improved texture, tone, and firmness. The result is glowing, radiant skin. For more information on the NIA24™ skin care line offered at our practice, contact Hermosa Plastic Surgery today.

HPS Line

This system works at the cellular level using topical prescription-strength products combined with effective enhancing products to produce a noticeable and lasting change in your skin’s appearance.

ZO Skin Health

Many patients combine their cosmetic surgery procedures with our nonsurgical skin treatments in order to obtain unique overall transformations. Our aesthetician works with Dr. Gallegos to help patients acquire the naturally beautiful results they desire. Contact us to schedule an appointment for laser hair removal, BOTOX® injections, lip augmentation, or any of our other noninvasive aesthetic treatments with our MedSpa at Hermosa Plastic Surgery. Developed by Dr. Zein Obagi a wide spectrum of therapeutic treatment protocols for everyone.