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Break the Razor’s Hold on Your Life

On average, women dedicate about two hours per month to shaving; in truth, men don’t fall far behind in the statistics. While this might seem like a small price to pay if the results were a bit less temporary, as it stands, shaving is essentially an exercise in futility. Hair begins to grow back in a matter of hours, reverting to its original course, stubbly and extremely noticeable state within a week’s time. That is why many have turned to a popular medspa procedure laser hair removal. 

Waxing offers somewhat better results since ripping hair out by its roots hampers regrowth. Smoothness lasts anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks with this method. Still, the process needs to be repeated indefinitely with no true end in sight. All those lovely depilatory creams on the market have a way of burning your skin while leaving their targets fully intact. 

If you’re looking for true freedom from the razor-bound lifestyle and its comparable counterparts, you might want to consider Laser Hair Removal. This procedure uses focused lasers to strip strands of their color and damage the follicles causing them to grow. In some cases, an area roughly the size of a quarter can be treated in a single second-long pulse. Strength of these bursts can be adjusted depending on your skin type, sensitivity level and hair coarseness among other factors. 

For most patients, the process takes anywhere from two to six sessions to complete, leaving four to six weeks between each for ghosts of more stubborn follicles to come back to haunt you. Afterward, you can expect to be smooth and free of unwanted hair for months or even years before needing additional treatments. As is the case with electrolysis, laser hair removal isn’t initially permanent; that being said, it’s far more liberating than the alternatives, and each session brings you closer to the ultimate prize. 

You’ll need to stay out of the sun and away from waxing or depilatory creams for about six weeks before having this highly popular Medspa Procedure performed. Damaged skin can’t be treated, and follicles need to be in place in order for the procedure to be effective. You’re likely to feel a mild stinging sensation during the procedure, but it’s little pain compared to that of spending an entire day of your life each year confined to the bathroom with razor in hand.

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