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Chemical Peel for Men

Most cosmetic products and services are aimed towards female customers but men have the same skin issues and desire to stay attractive. It is not unusual today for men to seek out medspa services that can improve their skin tone and texture and help them to look younger. A good first step for any man that wants a brighter appearance is with a chemical peel. The benefits of chemical peels for men includes a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, scars and brown spots. It removes dry skin and leaves behind skin that is better toned and smoother. The choice of peels includes three types that provide different levels of intensity.

  • Alpha-hydroxy acid peels are quick, simple peels. The mild peel process takes only a few minutes in a medspa and removes only the outer layer of skin. The mild exfoliation is perfect for people with only mild skin roughness or discoloration.
  • Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid peels go slightly deeper to remove more layers of skin. These peels help people with some wrinkles, freckles or slight scarring.
  • Tricholoracetic acid or phenol peels are the most powerful chemical peel. This is the method to choose if the skin has a lot of age spots, acne scars and lines. The treatment is only able to be performed once, so it is good for people with neglected skin that plan to maintain their skin health afterward with other cosmetic products and treatments.

Some peels are acceptable for use on the body as well as the face. The chemical peels for men are really no different than what is provided to women. Male clients will have to protect and care for their skin following a treatment in the same manner. Peels are also used to remove precancerous skin growths and these treatments are usually covered by medical insurance. A medical spa, rather than a salon or traditional day spa, is recommended by many skin experts for this type of service. The work performed in these locations is done under the guidance of medical professionals. This ensures a better result with a lower risk of complications. There are only a few potential side effects and most are minor concerns like redness. Discuss the risks and any medical conditions before receiving treatment.

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