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Looking at Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

When people think of plastic surgery procedures, they tend to think of women getting face lifts, tummy tucks or Botox injections. After all, many people associate plastic surgery with cosmetic procedures. Therefore, they think that the procedures are done to appeal to the vanity that women tend to have. However, plastic surgery is not just for women. Just as many men also get plastic surgery. It must be understood that plastic surgery is not just for cosmetic reasons. It can also be to correct medical or physical deformities. To that end, it is necessary to look at popular plastic surgery procedures for men.

  • One of the most popular procedures that men opt for is liposuction. Liposuction is used to help men make their abdomens look sleeker. It should be realized that liposuction is not a substitution for weight loss. Around the age of 35 or 40, men get concerned about their bellies which begins to bulge.
  • Another popular procedure that men opt for is rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job. Some feel that their noses are too big or shaped oddly.
  • Along with a nose job, some may also get a chin augmentation. The chin augmentation may be needed to help shape the face the way the man wants it.
  • As more and more men become comfortable with plastic surgery, many are choosing Botox injections to get the more youthful look. Men deal with vanity as well. It is no longer considered vain or in bad taste to get cosmetic plastic surgery.
  • A final popular plastic surgery procedure that men get is gynecomastia. This is commonly known as male breast reduction. Men don’t want to have breasts that appear feminine.

Since male plastic surgery is so commonplace, it is ordinary to see just as many men in the offices of plastic surgeons as women. One man out of every four is seeking to get some sort of plastic surgery. The only precaution that the men need to take is to ensure that the plastic surgeon is board-certified. If any men are looking to take advantage of popular plastic surgery procedures for men, they can go online and look for plastic surgeons who are certified with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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