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What is Freezing Fat? Is it a Safe Method of Weight Loss?

The act of freezing fat is hitting the headlines in a major way. Yet, is it safe? Does it have legs against other weight loss methods that are becoming popular on the market? The problem in the weight loss industry is that there is a whole lot of noise and not a lot of results. There is a method out there for every person in the world, but they do not all work.

Freezing fat is appealing because it is non-invasive and non-surgical. It requires no cutting of the skin, which is already a major plus for individuals looking to avoid that as much as possible. Generally, fat freezing is a method for individuals who have tried many weight loss techniques already with few results. It is a method that is a step down from surgery but a step up from a typical weight loss routine.

What is it?

It exists in the weird in-between of surgery and work-out weight loss. It is generally considered very safe against many of the surgical options available. The process includes the freezing of fat by dropping the temperature of the skin considerably. The skin actually gets so cold that the skin cells die. The procedure includes suctioning off parts of the skin where the fat exists and where the patient wants it gone. The suction freezes the skin to where the cells die and the fat is frozen. The body will subsequently rid the body of the dead cells and dead fat over the weeks following the procedure.


The procedure of Coolsculpting is cleared by the FDA. This confirms that it is a safe procedure. Yet, it is valuable to note that an FDA-approval does not necessarily mean the procedure is incredibly effective or works all the time. It may not work at all, in theory. The FDA only looks at safety and regulation in regards to current standards.

Multiple treatments of Freezing Fat may be needed to get the most out of the procedure. The doctor will systematically suction off areas of the body and treat it all over time. The procedure works best in small batches.

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