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What to Expect with Lip Injection

As obsessed as society appears to be with altering ones appearance, it can be equally as judgmental. However, many people are choosing cosmetic surgery in spite of the criticism. That includes people who are famous and not so famous. Lip fillers completed by lip injection are not permanent but they last longer than the common lip tricks such as liners and plumper. Lip liner can go but so far in making lips look fuller. That’s why some women are opting for a lip injection.

Some cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers, are as common as changing ones hair color. And in some cases less risky. In fact, if the results are not what’s expected, doctors can use an eraser to restore lips to normal.

Dermal fillers are most commonly used and considered safer than Collegian. Implants and fat injections are other methods used to fill the lips but may cause unwanted side effects.

What’s in the Needle

The filler contains Hyaluronic acid. A gel that can be controlled to determine shape, volume and structure. Hyaluronic acid is considered safer as it resembles substances created by the human body and therefore allergic reactions are unlikely.

What to Expect

Two weeks before first time lip augmentation it is advisable to avoid blood thinners such as vitamin E, and fish oil as this can promote bruising. Prevention steps should occur at least two days prior for people prone to getting cold sores as this type of procedure can trigger an episode.

The procedure is done within 20 minutes and feeling is returned to the lips in about 15 minutes. Patients are encourage to resume normal activities but to avoid high appearance events for a few days after getting the procedure. Avoid activities that will increase blood flow.

In most cases, result will last six months unless the body has a faster metabolic rate in which case the effects may wear off sooner. Fuller lips may be seen almost immediately. However, expect some swelling and the full results within 24 hours. Although the appearance of fuller lips is apparent, the feeling won’t change. Therefore, if becoming a better kisser is the objective this may not be the best option.

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