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Silicone and Saline: Comparing the Different Breast Implant Type

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When it comes to breast augmentation, women have a couple of big decisions to make. For those looking to increase breast size, the type of implant is one of the most important factors to consider. While both silicone and saline offer an increase in the shape and size of the breast, each of the breast implant types have different pros and cons. Women and their plastic surgeons should discuss both Breast Implant Types and which would be best for each specific situations. Silicone Breast Implant Type The silicone breast implants tend to look and feel more like real breasts. They can be placed underneath or over the muscle, depending on the look a woman is going for. They come prefilled in various sizes. An incision can be made under the breast, around the nipple, or even in the underarm in order to place the implant in the correct location. Once there, they create a natural appearance. While ruptures are uncommon, when they do take place, it takes time for a woman to notice what has happened. The silicone implants also tend to be more expensive than saline. Saline Breast Implant Type The saline breast implants offer a completely different look and feel. The actual implant is a silicone covered shell that holds the saline. Once the implant is in the body, it can be filled with saline until the implant has reached the desired size. This less expensive option is available to any woman over the age of eighteen. Because they are filled inside the body, the incisions tend to be small with less scarring. When a saline implant ruptures, the results are immediately obvious, making it possible to have the problem taken care of right away. On the downside, these implants weigh more than silicone and there is some concern when it comes to downward displacement. Implants made of saline tend to feel different, in some cases, less natural than the silicone alternative. So which implant is best? Each woman is different and wants something different for her body. It is important to speak with a plastic surgeon about […]

Which is the best incision for a Breast Augmentation?

Good question, and the answer is not simple. Surgeons are always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes. This has led to the development of remote incision placements to better hide scars associated with placing an implant for breast augmentation. The most popular and most used incisions are either placed near the fold under the breast or through the edge of the lower areola. These incisions provide for direct access to the breast allowing for the surgeon to have the greatest chance for success in creating the proper pocket for implant placement. Also, these incisions allow for easier control of potential bleeding. Larger sized implants are much easier placed through and incision under the breast or under the nipple. The next popular approach for placement of breast implants is through the axilla (arm pit). The scar from this approach is nicely hidden so that there are no scars on the breast. Creation of a proper pocket for the implant is difficult because direct vision of the tissues is difficult. Although some surgeons have been successful with this approach, I find that it often leads to a pocket that is too lateral resulting in separated breasts and poor cleavage. To improve the chances for success, I recommend the assistance of video endoscopy to create the best pocket and to control possible bleeding. A novelty that I believe is losing popularity is the umbilical approach. Few surgeons have found this to be successful because it is a completely blind procedure. Pocket placement and control of possible bleeding are extremely difficult. I believe that placement of silicone breast implants is impossible through this approach. Ultimately, choose the approach that you believe will give the best result, but make sure your surgeon is experienced with this technique. For more information on Breast Augmentation or to schedule a consultation contact Dr. Gallegos.

Breast Implants – The Low Down New Mexico

Breast Implants in Sante Fe, Mexico are offered through many choices to allow you to feel like you’ve been able to achieve a customized look, feel and fit. Years ago, there were a limited number of options for breast implants when compared to today. Technology has also greatly improved breast implants, allowing for greater reliability when examined in contract to breast implants forty years ago. In turn, breast implant risks have been dramatically reduced. There are a variety of breast implants options available at Hermosa Plastic Surgery, from saline to silicone, from low, moderate or high profile implants to implant placement- below or above the muscle. These choices allow plastic surgeons to accommodate individual’s specific breast enhancement needs by increasing the breast size and contouring the breast shape to meet each person’s unique desire. Plastic surgeons offer a variety of means to help you decide on the right breast implants in Santa Fe. First and fore most is a consultation. Your plastic surgeon will consult with you about your goals for breast enhancement so that you can make a well informed decision about your plastic surgery treatment. Some woman may require a breast lift with breast augmentation in order to achieve their desired results. Additionally, at a consultation, you can view before and after photos of the plastic surgeon’s patients who have similar anatomical features as you to obtain an idea of the outcome you may expect to see. You can try on various types of implants in different types of clothing to see how the results of breast augmentation will appear. It is important to be mindful about your decision for breast implants because the results last for many years to come. The results of your breast augmentation procedure may change with weight gain over time. So, it is wise to consider all options and alternatives if you are interested in breast implants. For more information on breast implants, contact Dr. Miguel Gallegos, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon servicing the areas of Roswell, Albuquerque and Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Breast Augmentation in Santa Fe

Breast augmentation is a rewarding experience for many women. From 18 years old and up, my Santa Fe and Albuquerque patients have reported the benefits they have enjoyed following breast enhancement. These benefits include for some no longer having to alter clothing to fit properly, while for others a boost in their self-confidence. In 2010, nearly 300,000 breast augmentation were performed in the U.S. Breast Augmentation is popular among female residents in the surrounding area of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is not simply the media attention that has drawn so many women in for breast augmentation. It is merely the desire among many women across the U.S. to increase breast size for an enhanced appearance. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure and requires about a week’s recovery time. Pain medications is often prescribed and taken during this time to decrease discomfort and or pain. Additionally, there are also a few restrictions that may be in place in the weeks following breast augmentation in Santa Fe. All in all, the results of your new look are often immediate and the rewards begin about a week after the procedure. Of course, there are several considerations. So, a consultation is in order if you are thinking about breast augmentation. In a consultation you will learn all you need to know about breast implant types, saline breast implants, silicone breast implants, breast implant placement locations, and incision choices. You’ll also have the opportunity to feel and see different breast implant types to ensure you select the best feel, look and fit. While you are at our office Hermosa Plastic Surgery in Albuquerque, you may want to glance through the before and after photos of patients who have had breast augmentation or patients of breast lift. When doing so, you can ask your plastic surgeon to show you people who have similar features as you. In doing this, you’ll be able to obtain a more personalized visual of the type of result you may expect to see. If you are interested in breast augmentation, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Breast Implants – Consultations are Necessary

Dr. Gallegos’ plastic surgery practice offers a wide selection of breast implants, which will certainly give you the choices you need to obtain a custom fit for your breast augmentation. There are saline breast implants in round or tear dropped shape to silicone breast implants with improved shells. The newer silicone breast implants provide a low bleed risk and an even lower rupture risk. When determining breast implant size, it is important to look at all factors. There are various chest width sizes, the structure of the body- extent of the hips, and a variety of breast profile choices; so it’s no surprise that many women interested in breast augmentation seek Dr. Gallegos for a consultation. During a consultation all of this is discussed and more. While meeting with Dr. Gallegos, he will help you determine what the appropriate shape and size is for you that will give you the enhancement you desire. You will be able to see different types of breast implants so you can witness firsthand the natural feel. You can also view photos of patients who have had breast augmentation. Dr. Gallegos can point out those photos in which you have similar features. In this way, you’ll really get a much better sense for the look and feel of your breast implants. In terms of safety, breast implants have been placed in women for over forty five year. It is estimated nearly 10 million women have received breast implants, which has allowed makers to deliver the best in options for breast implants. Additionally, extensive research has been performed and continues which has allowed plastic surgeons to drastically reduced complication rates when compared to 40 years ago. We welcome the opportunity for you to come into our practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you are interested in breast implants, contact our office today to schedule an appointment to meet with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gallegos.