Laser Lipo Albuquerque

Laser Lipo Albuquerque – An Ultrasonic Liposuction

We all have problem spots — places where unwanted fat accumulates and stubbornly refuses to be worked off through diet or exercise. If you want to sculpt these areas and enjoy a more flattering figure, liposuction is often the best option. Ultrasonic Liposuction surgery is a popular treatment option because of its ability to remove small pockets of fat safely and effectively.

Before Liposuction Surgery

Before patients undergo surgery, they visit our office to consult with our surgeon, Dr. Miguel Gallegos. During this meeting, Dr. Gallegos proposes a treatment plan and explains what is involved in the surgery. Good candidates for this surgery have small, localized deposits of fat. Those with a large abdominal deposit of fat are usually better candidates for tummy tuck surgery than liposuction.

The Ultrasonic Lipoplasty Procedure

Ultrasonic liposuction, a Laser Lipo in Albuquerque, is gentler and more effective than older treatment methods because of its ability to reduce trauma to the body’s tissues. The first step in the ultrasonic lipoplasty process is the injection of tumescent fluid, a saline solution that also contains an anesthetic, into the treatment area. A thin, vacuum-like tube called a cannula is then inserted via a small incision and used to remove excess fat. Ultrasonic waves are transmitted through this tube to break up the fat cells so that they may be gently suctioned away. When Dr. Gallegos has finished sculpting the treatment area, the incision is closed and the surgery is complete.

Results and Recovery

During the first few days after Laser Lipo surgery, patients may experience some discomfort that can be addressed with prescription pain medications or by simply getting some light exercise, such as walking around the house. Tumescent fluid will drain from the incision during this time; this process is normal and to be expected. Less than a week after the ultrasonic liposuction procedure, patients can move around without significant discomfort and may even decide that they feel well enough to return to work. However, they are advised to avoid vigorous exercise for about a month after surgery to ensure a safe recovery.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Gallegos

Liposuction is an excellent way to take control of problem areas that have always bothered you. Many parts of the body can be contoured with liposculpture procedures, from common problem spots such as the thighs, love handles, and tummy to small areas such as the neck and knees. To learn more about liposuction, contact Hermosa Plastic Surgery in Albuquerque, serving Santa Fe and all Southern New Mexico areas.