Pros and cons of Breast Augmentation

While other types of plastic surgery are declining, the number of breast augmentation surgeries in the United States have grown by more than 40 percent over the last decade, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeries. In fact, more than 300,000 such surgeries are performed each year. Obviously, women are still interested in enhancing their body image with larger breasts. However, like any surgery, breast augmentation has its pluses and minuses.

Reasons to having breast augmentation surgery

The chief benefit of having breast implant surgery is improving a woman’s self image. Pregnancy, aging and weight loss can all affect the shape and firmness of a woman’s breasts. Breast augmentation surgery can help to turn back the hands of time and give a woman a more youthful figure. Such surgery is generally safe and poses few risks of complications in healthy women.

Reasons against having breast implants

As with any surgery, breast augmentation has some inherent risks. Unlike most surgeries, however, with breast implant surgery, you are taking an otherwise healthy person and subjecting them to the (generally small) risks of infection, a reaction to the anesthetic and post-operative bleeding. If a women has other underlying health issues, such as diabetes or heart disease, these can increase the risk of complications and should be discussed with her surgeon well in advance of the procedure. Breast implant surgery can also lead to capsular contracture, a condition where the scar tissue surrounding the implant becomes hardened and can be painful and mis-shape the breast. If this happens, a second surgery is necessary to correct the issue.

Potential for Complications

Because of the potential for complications, it’s wise for you and your doctor to carefully weigh your individual risk with the anticipated benefits. It’s also important to choose your physician with care and investigate his or her experience, past performance with breast augmentation and training.

Thousands of women each year have successful breast augmentation surgery. If you are considering such a procedure, do your homework, consider the pros and cons and enjoy your new shape for years to come.